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    Ceramic composite-mill liner

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  • Description Detail:Ceramic composite mill liner,ceramic composite liner,metal ceramic composite casting

DJM adopts the composite material of High Cr cast iron( or Martensite steel) and ceramic, namely, the ceramic particles are casted into the surface of alloy to form a composition of ceramic-metal. Its ability of wear resistance is 3-4 times of high Cr Material, the thickness is 1/3 of the original one and can be manufactured according to the original wear curve, even the crack happens to some particles, it will not extend to the base material, thereby obtaining the capacity of high abrasion and impact resistance. The life span of Ceramic composite liner is more than two times of Mid-alloy liner, and more than 3-4 times of high manganese steel liner.

Product include:
High Cr cast iron + ZTA ceramic particles
Martensite steel + ZTA ceramic particles

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