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    Use Example of GP300 Ceramic insert Mantle /concave

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  • Description Detail:圆锥破碎机GP300(二破)扎臼壁/破碎壁使用实例 Use Example of GP300 Mantle /concave (Second Crusher) 磨损形式=高冲击碾压磨损 Wear form = high impact rolling and wear 物料- 铁矿石-莫氏硬度6.5 Material=iron ore, Mohs hardness 6.5. 进料粒度= max 300mm 出料粒度=30mm Feed size = max 300 mm discharge size =30 mm. Mn18Cr2高锰钢动锥/静锥 使用寿命=22天(约440小时) Mn18Cr2 Mantle / Concave Service life =22 days (about 440 hours). MMC-Mn18Cr2高锰钢陶瓷颗粒复合动锥/静锥 使用寿命=50天 (约900小时) MMC-Mn18Cr2 Mantle / Concave Service life = 50 days (approximately 900 hours)

The High Manganese Steel matrix ceramic composite Mantle/Concave and Jaw plate
通常,基材选用= Mn18Cr2
热处理后高锰钢本体硬度= HB160-220 (冲击后=HB500)
陶瓷颗粒硬度= HV1400 
热处理后陶瓷颗粒间硬度= HB400-HB500 
The High Manganese Steel matrix ceramic composite Mantle/Concave and Jaw plate; That is ceramic particles are fused and cast in the wear-resistant material of High Manganese Steel to form ceramic metal composite layer. The wear-resisting property of the composite layer can reach 2-3 times that of the high chromium material, and it inherits the impact resistance of the High Manganese Steel.
Normally, the basis material = Mn18Cr2
Hardness of high manganesesteel after heat treatment (Impact hardness= HB500)
Hardness ceramic particles= HV1400 
Hardness ceramic particles afterheat treatment=HRC60-70 
Hardness between ceramic particles after heattreatment= HB400-HB500 
The service life of the ceramic composite Mantle/Concave and Jaw plate is more than 2 times that of the High Manganese Steel.

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