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V casting process development

V casting process foreign development status quo casting process foreign development status quo casting process foreign development status quo casting process abroad development status quo
The casting process was introduced to Europe and the United States and other developed countries at the beginning of the invention, and it has been developed rapidly.
And at the end of the last century, the United States Law foundry enterprises byThirty-oneHome reduced toTen
Law firms have developed toOne hundred and eighty
Europe Law firms by Forty Home development to Eighty-five home EnterTwenty-one In the 21st century,
Law foundry in developed countries to shrink, only to retain some of the production enterprises, but in India, Pakistan and other developing countries have made considerable progress Among them, the use of enterprises in Pakistan

The method of making the surface texture is clear and delicate, and the fine cultural relics are copied.
Abroad,Casting process is usually used for the production of aluminum alloy castings.
Law firms are mainly distributed in Ukraine, Holland, and the United States.
HarmonyCasting Production of aluminum alloy Method casting Twenty-five year,
Its annual output5000~10000Tons, products are mainly used in medical, electronic, communications and other industries. In recent years, foreign enterprises to use
Method of casting to produce thin wall, high precision aluminum alloy castings, the product of the large plane can be thin to
4.7MM Local thickness is2.3mm Part of aluminum alloys V Casting method, as shown in Figure1-1
As shown, with high surface accuracy, no draftforgings advantages.V
As a kind of high forming and high precision liquid forming technology, the method is one of the main directions of near net forming technology in the future.
V Casting performance by the general effect as the sand casting process, the strength of aluminum alloy casting needs to be further improved. Nagano, Japan National University of science and technology and Japan ASUZAC Group in the original Compared to the original casting process based on, through the use of containing water in silica sand to make sand casting, aluminum alloy castings of the resulting increase in the tensile strength of casting, aluminum alloy castings of maximum tensile strength
The tensile strength of aluminum alloy casting obtained by casting process is increased by about10% Casting technology domestic development present situation casting technology domestic development present situation casting technology domestic development present situation casting technology domestic development present situation Twenty century Seventy In the late 1990s, Cao Wenlong and other first to track the Japanese
VTechnique method One thousand nine hundred and eighty-three Year Group Co. Ltd. has pioneered the introduction of new company set
The production method of high manganese steel penetration fork, then I owned more than ten companies imported from Japan and Germany
Casting equipment and technology In recent years, through the digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology and experience, the domestic
The research and application of casting method has entered a new stage,
The application of the method is also more and more extensive.
Technical CommitteeTwo thousand and elevenAnnual statistics, domesticLaw foundry enterprises have exceededFour hundredHome, large and medium-sizedCasting enterprises more thanThirtyHome, which, aluminum alloy

Foundry EnterprisesTenHome.

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