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High chromium wear-resistant white cast iron

High chromium wear-resistant white cast iron (hereinafter referred to as the high chromium cast iron) is a kind of excellent performance by the particular attention is paid to the abrasion resistant material. It the wear resistance of the alloy steel is much higher than, and than the general white cast iron is much higher toughness, strength, at the same time, it is also a combination of good anti high temperature and anti - corrosion performance, coupled with the production of convenient, moderate cost, and was known as contemporary the most excellent anti abrasion materials.
High chromium cast iron is a metal wear resistant materials, an important branch of antiwear cast iron chromium wear resistant cast iron, is following the general white cast iron, Ni hard cast iron and the development of the third generation of white cast iron. Early in 1917 the first high chromium cast iron patent. High chromium cast iron generally refers to containing Cr content between the 11-30%, containing C amount between the 2.0-3.6% alloy white cast iron. The abrasion resistant white cast iron national standards GB/T8623 provisions of the high chromium white cast iron grades, composition, hardness and heat treatment process and use characteristics. The typical composition and process listed in the following table.

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