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DJM 陶瓷金属复合立轴转子/冲击式破碎机蹄锤技术介绍

DJM metal ceramic composite ShoeHammerImpellerAnvilof VSI Crusher technology introduction
立轴转子离心/冲击式破碎机是有立轴的高性能破碎机。转子呈环形,装有马蹄形的锤棒。独特的冲击转子配合啮合的环形衬板,形成超大且有针对性的破碎比。 转子离心破碎机物料中的每个颗粒在转子中高速旋转,然后甩向固定的反击板。反击板可由环形衬板或由砂床组成。石打石破碎原理将磨损降至最小程度。
Rotor centrifugal and Impact crusher (VSI) is a high-performance crusher with a vertical shaft The rotor is circular with horseshoe-shaped impellers. This unique impeller rotor, combined with the anvil ring, achieves a very large targeted crushing ratio. Every single particle of the input material undergoes extreme acceleration in the patented twin-chamber rotor and is subsequently thrown against the fixed impact wall. The impact wall can consist of an anvil ring or a rock shelf.  Thanks to the rock-on-rock principle, only very few machine parts are susceptible to wear. 
Horseshoe hammer is the key part of the rotor centrifugal / impact crusher, the traditional hammer is usually casted out from high-chromium cast iron or alloy tool steel to improve its wear resistance by high hardness of the material.   The working condition of the hammer requires it to be against high impact, high-frequency and high wear resistance.In order to improve the wear and impact resistance of the horeshoe hammer, DJM selects high-Cr cast iron(or martensite steel) ceramic composite materials, which forms the ceramic metal composite reinforcement through injection of ceramic particles into the high-Cr material(or martensite steel), the composite layer hardness is harder than high Cr material 3-4 times, at the same time, the composite layer thickness can be made to a third of the thickness of the original spare parts. Life span of the ceramic composite material is more than 2 times of a high Cr alloy material. Both feature of impact resistance and wear resistance of the horse shoe is achived after improving the wear resistance of the working surface.
Product include:
High Cr cast iron + ZTA ceramic particles
Martensite steel + ZTA ceramic particles
High Mn Steel + ZTA ceramic particles
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