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    Beijing JinMei Entrepreneur Co., Ltd (DJM) is established in March 2006. It is a comprehensive industry & trading company and located in Beijing which is the capital of China. Wholly-owned a machining plant,a Foundry, and a Precision Investment Casting plant, Since the company established, it develops with spirit of active initiative, rich practical experiences and expansive develop scales. The diversity of products and services could provide omnibearing choices for customers. The best quality and customer satisfaction is our unchanging target.  

The product include:
MMC - Metal composite ceramic castings (Metal matrix ceramic composite castings),
MMC - Metal matrix  ceramic composite castings
MMC - High Mn Steel matrix ceramic composite Jaw plate, Cone, Hammer, Blow bar,  Liner
MMC - High Cr iron matrix Ceramic composite blow bar, Impact bar, Liner
MMC - Martensite Steel matrix Ceramic composite Liner, Hammer, chocky bars,
MMC Hammer, MMC Blow bar, MMC liner, MMC roller, MMC jaw plate, MMC cone, MMC plate.MMC impact bar
Metal Ceramic composite chocky bars,
Metal Ceramic composite Excavator tooth, Ceramic composite liner of ballmill, Segments of Ceramic composite for tooth roll crusher.
Double metal composite hammer and Centrifugal bimetallic composite roll ring.
Various kinds of Scraper blade of forged(Flight bar), Concrete Paddle Mixer Arms, Track Shoe, Concrete Mixer Liner, Hammers, Blow bar, Impact Bar, Jaw plate for Crusher, Cone Mantles of High Mn steel, Wear resistant Casting Steel Grate Plate and Liner for Ballmill, Liner of AG/SAG, Liner of VI/VSI, Stirred-mill(Vertimill) screw liner, Liner of Gyratory-Crushers,Grate bar of Sintering Machine, and Grinding roll of vertical mill, Grinding pan of vertical mill, and Centrifugal Roll Ring of Rolling mill etc....

    Nowadays, DJM have lots of foreign customers, and the volume of business is increasing. In the further development, we still follow our goal which is excellent quality and great service. Welcome all friends come to visit and negotiation.

  • Tel: +86-10-8890 9291 MP: +86-13901376361 WhatsApp: +86-13901376361 Email: info@djm-bj.com leegang@djm-bj.com
  • Room No.1403 TaiRan Building, No.36 GuSheng Road, ShiJingShan District, Beijing, China.100043
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  • MMC Mill part, MMC Impact bar, MMC Mantle, MMC Crusher part, Ceramic composite High Mn Steel, ceramic particules composite casting,ceramic Insert composite castings
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