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    ceramic insert liner of BallMill、SAG Mill

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  • Description Detail:liner of BallMill-SAG Mill

 liner of BallMill-SAG Mill

为进一步提高球磨机衬板耐磨寿命,DJM 选用高锰钢(或马氏体钢)陶瓷复合材料,即在高锰钢(或马氏体钢)材料表面嵌铸陶瓷颗粒形成陶瓷金属复合材料层,这层复合层的耐磨性能可达高锰钢材料的2 – 3倍,同时这一复合层的厚度可制成达到原备件厚度的1/3,并可根据原磨损曲线有针对性的制作,即使某些颗粒出现裂纹,也只局限于颗粒本身而不扩展至基体,从而获得高耐磨且耐冲击的效果。
To improve its wear life of the ball mill liners, DJM adopts the composite material of High Mn Steel ( or Martensite steel) and ceramic, namely, the ceramic particles are casted into the surface of alloy to form a composition of ceramic-metal. Its ability of wear resistance is 2-3 times of old Material, the thickness is 1/3 of the original one and can be manufactured according to the original wear curve, even the crack happens to some particles, it will not extend to the base material, thereby obtaining the capacity of high abrasion and impact resistance. The life span of Ceramic composite liner is more than two times of Mid-alloy liner, and more than 2-3 times of high manganese steel liner.
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