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High chromium cast iron scale industrial applications

High chromium cast iron scale industrial applications, developed countries began in the sixty's of last century. Our country is in 1969 by the then plant technology experiment center of the Ministry of machinery industry and the Nippon Steel Corp and the eight joint of rolling mill in WISCO hatabu experiment, and achieved good results. On mechanical properties of high chromium cast iron roll quickly first by country Defense Industry Publishing House published. It "more comprehensive, detailed to introduce the high chromium cast iron chemical composition, effects of alloying elements and smelting and heat treatment related issues. Research and application in the anti abrasion, started in 1973 by casting department of Xi'an Jiaotong University Department and Xi'an power machinery factory started tackling milling the vulnerability of the system of power plant. At the same time in 1980 published" compilation of abrasive wear and wear resistant alloy. The set of this nearly 300 page has an important contribution to China's wear-resistant material industry, current price of 0.95 yuan The RMB is full of monographs, influenced a generation of wear resistant materials. By 1986, by the Xi'an Jiaotong University professor Zhou Qingde in the years of teaching and Research on the basis of the compilation of real Chinese features, < chromium wear-resistant cast iron > has strong technical guidance and practical process of a book published in the past, we. In the "good education" had to sigh! The blue cover eight open proceedings, it is a "book of the books." was to catch up with China's foundry industry such as induction furnace NSP kiln cement industry in 2000 because the technology is mature, the cost can be reduced greatly and the fierce promotion occasion, inadvertently became one of the booster take off high chromium technology in China. One of the main bar life of some pieces of lining plate mill in a matter of pride, it is from the beginning of 1988 in Henan Xiangshan Group (formerly Yanshi cement factory) with 2.2 * 6.5m cement mill high chromium groove lining In full load operation to 2000, a total of nearly twelve years of operation, has no record to break a few days ago. The move in a pile of books, newspapers, photos, a yellow log into the eyes, it opened the dusty twenty years of memory. And detailed records when the market according to the parameters and alloy the price of paper concentrated and the design of the lining plate of chemical components. As for the heat treatment process is the production of a copy. The operation is successful, a variety of performance data and the little difference exists. The past is a cement mill a year for a set of high manganese steel liner, the liner for for the plant to save more than ten sets of liner funds do not say, twelve light removing liner plate will save more than ten times. The future again to the factory, the factory cadres and workers of the sound of praise, even a material workers pride and a sense of achievement. It is a thank you The book editor Mr. Zhou Qingde and other teachers. Now after a lapse of 20 years, I still remember clearly that the time to get this book when the scene: it was an afternoon in early spring of 1987, when the post office clerk from Zhumadian, I can't wait to get the hands of this book, as described by Golgi: like a bread on the hungry man. On the way back to the factory dormitory, a hand pushing a bicycle, one hand to continuously read books. Gradually, the sky was black, simply sat on the roadside stone cold, dim lamp to read, only to find out that the stomach has been hungry grunt whining. Look up that bright stars at the deep blue sky, my heart suddenly clear a lot. From this book I do not know how many sleepless nights spent with me, to help solve the number of high chromium cast iron production application. How time flies, Passed more than 20 years. The scene visible before the eyes's eyes moist, the main bar. The year before his death of Mr. Zhou Qingde, a time bursts of acid Chu in my heart. Mr. Zhou Qingde is the academic leader of Chinese wear-resistant materials of the top engineering colleges of Xi'an Jiaotong University, as evidenced by a generation of wear-resistant material master. The life of Mr. Frank, just and they are, rigorous scholarship, not only students everywhere, scientific research achievement is fruitful. The monograph full branch gold Mr. is first class, data never jump to conclusions, but not sure of the facts, real advice and questions. The author stressed in earlier stage twenty years ago with his disciples Yan Ping the high chromium cast iron boron on < > and a few years ago with his disciples Zhao Siyong co authored several problems about high manganese steel < > two, the solid style is really admirable. As for the academic circles made popular False wind, sir is hated, often condemn it in speech and writing, impassioned. Remember in Mr. National Academic Conference on the then popular "medium manganese ductile iron" heavy cannon, in total disregard of human accident loudly denounced as "pseudo science". Main column and the Taiwan people warm applause to express the hearts of admiration and respect to the scientific spirit of seeking truth from facts, Mr.. Now Mr. riding a crane to the west, only wish Mr. road walk. Believe Mr. in the kingdom of heaven will pray he loves and strive for a life of service of China wear-resistant materials business.
Friend was puzzled and asked: "Lu You said wear-resistant high chromium cast iron is, its wear resistance can be easily more than high manganese steel several times or more, which we believe. But more than the same hardness wear resistance of alloy steel several times is how to return a responsibility? Whether and wear formula diagram against it?" this is precisely the high chromium cast iron and conventional wear-resistant material difference, if you want to know the reason, and bar main sequel < clank bony high chromium cast iron > (2)


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