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Zirconia toughened aluminum (ZTA) hasbeenwidely studied as a new type of toughened ceramic

zro2增韧Al2O3陶瓷的制备(ZTA)  摘 要:        ZrO2/Al2O3复相陶瓷是高温结构陶瓷中最有前途的材料之一,由于其优越的性能和丰富的原料来源,已受到广泛的关注,成为陶瓷材料领域研究的一大热点.本文对氧化锆/氧化铝复相陶瓷的复合机理、最近几年粉体制备常用和最新工艺和ZTA陶瓷应用方面的研究进展进行了综述,并对ZTA复相材料今后的发展进行了展望.  关键词:ZTA;增韧机理;复合粉体制备;研究进展;发展趋势 

Abstract:Zirconia toughened aluminum (ZTA) hasbeenwidely studied as a new type of toughened ceramic. The aim of this investigation is to review the recent literatures on its synthesismechanisms, new preparation.methods of composite powders and applications. The problems in preparation techniques and developmental trend are discussed aswel.l  Key words:ZTA; strengthening and tougheningmechanisms; preparation technology of composite powders;current research situation; development trend        

Al2O3陶瓷被广泛应用于一些耐高温、强腐蚀环境中,而Al2O3陶瓷断裂韧性较低的致命弱点,限制了它更大范围的使用.采用ZrO2相变增韧、颗粒弥散强化或纤维及晶须补强等方法,可使陶瓷材料的力学性能大大提高,是先进复相结构陶瓷材料的重要发展方向.从ZrO2/Al2O3系统相图[1] 可知,即使在很高的温度下ZrO2与Al2O3之间都不会生成固溶体,这就为研究ZrO2/Al2O3复相陶瓷提供了理论依据.由于,ZTA陶瓷是zro2增韧陶瓷中效果最佳者,近年来,不少学者对该系统复相陶瓷进行了大量研究,随着复相陶瓷技术的发展, ZTA复相陶瓷的研究成为陶瓷材料领域研究的一大热点.本文就近年来国内外文献对ZTA陶瓷的复合机理、制备方法、发展趋势等研究进展做如下综述. 

Al2O3 ceramic is widely used in high temperature, strong corrosion, and low fracture toughness of Al2O3 ceramic fatal weakness, it limits the use of a greater range. Using ZrO2 transformation toughening, particle dispersion strengthening or fiber and whisker reinforcement method, the mechanical properties of ceramic materials is greatly improved an important development direction of advanced ceramic composites. From the ZrO2/Al2O3 system phase diagram [1] shows that even at very high temperatures between ZrO2 and Al2O3 will not generate solid solution, which provides a theoretical basis for the study of ZrO2/Al2O3 composite ceramics. The effect of ZrO2, ZTA ceramic is the best toughening ceramic in recent years. And many scholars have done a lot of research on the composite ceramics of the system, with the rapid development of ceramic technology, the research of ZTA composite ceramics has become a hot research topic in the field of ceramic materials. In recent years, the domestic and foreign literature The composite mechanism, preparation method and development trend of ZTA ceramics are reviewed in this paper.

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