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Government leaders of Zunhua City inspected our factory

         The mayor of Zunhua city, Mr. Dong Xuezhong and revelant leaders of municipal government came to inspect our wholly-owned company---Zunhua Jinshuo Metallurgical Mine Machine Co. Ltd. on July fifth, 2017.

        The key person of foundary---Yang Lianfan took all leaders visited workshop, laboratory and product pavillion and introduced the latest ceramic composite material developed by our company. Mr. Dong Xuezhong firstly gave great affirmation to our company’s products and he expected maganificent prospect of our new material. Meanwhile, he detailedly inquired the difficulties and problems that the company is confronted with and promised that government will increase assistance and support this type of high and new technology industry’s extension work. Besides, he hoped that the company should do the market analysis well, deeply understand customer’s demand, locate accurately and carry out the popularization and sale work effectively.

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