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Roller in High Cr+ ZTA Ceramic + GGG composite centrifugal 高铬陶瓷铸铁辊套离心铸造特点 The characteristics of High chromium cast iron + ZTA ceramic roller by centrifugal casting.


Roller in High Cr+ ZTA Ceramic + GGG composite centrifugal

The characteristics of High chromium cast iron + ZTA ceramic roller by centrifugal casting. 
1、 采用离心双金属复合铸造工艺。
Using bi-metal composite centrifugal casting technology.
2 、离心铸造利用离心力无气孔、无夹杂。
3 、金属模具快速降温金属组织致密,提高耐磨性。
Fast cooling metal mold making the casting have a compact microstructure to improve wear resistance.
4 辊套外层高铬铸铁,内层我们采用合金球铁或合金钢 ( 具有很高的强度和韧性)。
Using high chromium cast iron(Cr17NiMo,Cr18Ni2,etc)+ZTA ceramic to the out layer of roller, using alloy ductile iron like GGG400 etc or alloy steel like 35CrNiMo etc at inner layer (with high strength and toughness).
5 、根据使用要求,设计了合理的使用层厚度,减少了合金用量,降低了成本。
By reasonable wear resistant layer thickness design according to client’s requirement to reduce the dosage of alloy and the cost.
二、生产流程 The production process. 1 .熔炼 Smelting.
外层钢水采用 P S 含量 ≤0.02% 废钢及各种合金混合加热熔化,炉前成分调整合格,过程中对钢水进行脱氧保护。
The molten steel (P and S with content of ≤0.02%)for the outside layer add various kinds of alloy for mixed melting, making bath analysis to certified composition, together with deoxidization protection in the process f melting.
2 .浇铸 Casting pouring
According to the roller size and weight to choose the appropriate centrifuges. Cast moulds choose grey cast iron or cast steel material, spraying a certain thickness of refractory coating. To control the cleanness inside the mold strictly, inclusion-free, to ensure the quality of castings. Roller shell use layered casting: outer layer, transition layer and inner layer, pouring according to the process setting in advance. The outer select proper pouring temperature, after interval of time, pouring the transition layer, to ensure that the outer layer and transition layer have a good composite state, after a interval time again, pouring the inner layer. Stay all inner and outer molten steel pouring out, waiting for the roller demoulding after coagulation casting, after demoulding, adopt the annealing process.
3. 热处理 Heat treatment
The roller use annealing, quenching and tempering heat treatment process. After demoulding, the roller casting will directly be put into the heat-treatment furnace for annealing, after that, take rough machining, and then quenching, several times with tempering process to eliminate the internal stress of castings thoroughly.
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