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DJM 陶瓷金属复合反击破碎机反击板(板锤)技术介绍

DJM Metal ceramic composite impact crusher impact bar (blow bar) technology introduction
Impact crusher main principle is to use the material in high speed impact and crushing operations, the material into the crusher body in a certain runner , on the first and second impact plate shock after a certain time and stroke of repeated impact, realize the material break finally .during the impact work process, the material broken is mainly depended on the high speed impact on the blow bar. Due to large internal crushing cavity, the material has enough space to full speed and have a certain kinetic energy under the blow bar, thereby has enough impact energy to realize the material part broken. And other part of the material will be broken through rattled one against another during the accelerate processing in air.
Currently, the blow bar is widely used high chromium cast iron manufacturing. When the material with the high speed rotating bar impact, material sharp corner pressed into the bar surface and form a impact crater, its impact energy all changed to bar surface compressive stress, the impact bar head belong to chisel cutting wear and tear.
When the material impact the bar with a certain angle or grind with grate plate, impact energy is decomposed into parallel bar tangential stress, cutting the bar surface to form some cutting groove, it is called cutting erosion wear.
In order to get a further improvement of the wear life, DJM selects high-Cr cast iron(or martensite steel)ceramic composite materials, which forms the ceramic metal composite reinforcement through injection of ceramic particles into the high-Cr material , the composite layer wear-resisting property is than high Cr material 3-4 times, at the same time, the composite layer thickness can be made to a third of the thickness of the original spare parts. Ceramic composite material blow bar life is longer than 2 times of a high Cr alloy blow bar.
Product include:
High Cr cast iron + ZTA ceramic particles
Martensite steel + ZTA ceramic particles
High Mn Steel + ZTA ceramic particles
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